Hidden Palace - Amethyst Geode Bath Bomb + Natural Handmade Soap Set


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Hidden Palace's Amethyst Geode Bath Bomb + Natural Handmade Soap Set is the perfect cleansing routine.

The bar of soap is scented with blossoming lavender with the added benefits of buttermilk, this bar of soap will leave the most sensitive of skin types feeling soft and nourished.

This geode rocks soap bomb has been formed from mineral-rich salt and sodium bicarbonate to thoroughly soothe and cleanse while you soak. As it fizzes, popping candy crackles and plastic-free pearl lustre escapes. The water turns into an eye-catching gold and pink spectacle before your eyes, while lavender and bergamot working in harmony to clear your mind.

How to use: Fill your tub with warm water, drop in the bath bomb and lie back to enjoy its lovely colour and gorgeous fragrance.

Due to hygiene reasons, we do not offer exchanges or refunds on products due to simple change of mind.

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