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Inspired by Parisian floristry, Luxe Bouquet introduces the Everlasting Bridal Bouquet - Australia's first and exclusive bouquet that will last for years after your unforgettable wedding. Our Everlasting Bridal Bouquet is definitely not a bouquet you will want to throw. The luxuriousness of an everlasting bridal bouquet is guaranteed to be a showstopper on your special day.

This elegant bouquet comprises approximately 32 real everlasting roses. Each of the roses in this bouquet has been carefully handpicked and preserved using only the finest roses from Ecuador. Our fresh roses are cut when they are in their most beautiful state and undergo a special preservation process using our proprietary solution of glycerin and other natural ingredients. The number of roses included will vary depending on the size of the rosebuds used in the bouquet. Any accessories shown are not included. To maintain the bouquet's vibrant appearance and longevity, please avoid direct exposure to sunlight, excessive heat, or moisture.

All Everlasting Bridal Bouquet arrangements will include an elegant acrylic display box for secure storage and display on and after your special day. It will also include a complimentary Luxe Bouquet signature greeting card and care instructions.

*Please note, this product will be shipped by our supplier Luxe Bouquet.

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