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The Nighty Night Gift Set Box is just what you need for the best slumber of your life.

We have hand-selected the most beautiful Australian products packed in our signature gift boxes. Complete your delivered gift box with a card.

What's Inside?

  • Byron Bay Bath Bomb Moon (sleep)
  • Leif Lavender Eye Pillow
  • Leif Sleep Tea
  • Huskee Cup
  • The Clè Collective Sleep Essential Oil Blend Roller

This gift box is ready to go and is available to be shipped next business day.

Byron Bay Bath Bomb's Moon Relaxation Blend Bath Bomb will encourage you to unwind with the nurturing scents of Lavender Litsea & Frankincense.

Leif Tea Co's beautiful organic eye pillows is perfect for use at bedtime or when you just need to take a restful moment. As you place the pillow over your eyes you'll instantly be aware of the weight settling you and the lavender scent calming you as you breathe and relax.

Leif Tea Co's sleep tea is a beautiful blend of organic herbs that have traditionally been used to encourage healthy rest. This blend combines delicious floral notes from lavender and chamomile, with the calming and healing properties of calendula and rose. The flavour finishes with a soothing spearmint.

HuskeeCup is crafted from coffee husk as a raw material. Coffee husk is an organic waste material that's produced at the milling stage of coffee production. By using HuskeeCup, you are helping to recycle hundreds of tonnes of waste material from the production of coffee.

The Clè Collective's Sleep Essential Oil Blend assists with relaxing the mind and body and encourages a deep sleep. Lavender essential oil is a soothing scent and naturally eases anxiety. Vetiver and Sandalwood essential oils add a woody, earthy scent to this blend while Sandalwood has also been known to increase the amount of non-REM sleep. An alternative to counting sheep.