Engraved Wooden Coat/Dress Hanger


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A special day-of detail for you, your partner and even your bridal party! All our hangers are engraved for a luxurious personal touch.

  • Crafted from strong solid wood with no lacquer finish

  • Light natural wood colour

  • Flat profile

  • Available in script or serif variations

  • Width: 43 cm. Thickness: 1.2 cm

  • Notched ends for dress hanging loops

  • Coat/dress hanger has anti-rust swivel silver hook

  • Main name on script is all lower case and and main name on serif is all uppercase

Please note that the two pieces of wood joined to make the hanger may not always be of the same colouring. Wood is a natural material and this cannot be fixed so please embrace these qualities. Thank you for your understanding.

Customised goods are non-returnable.

Please note that this item is hand-made to order and is subject to our production timeframe.