We specialise in the little details you need for your wedding day. From getting engaged to officially married!

Our curated product range is already loved and 5 star reviewed by so many like you. Clients are raving about our bridesmaid boxes, bridal party satin robes, ceremony vow books, personalised wedding guest book albums, wedding hangers and so much more.

We have been lucky enough to have our cherished items be a part of many weddings all over the world!

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we can personalise your guest book and album to fit your event so that it is suitable for not only Weddings, but also Engagements, Birthdays, Funerals and more.

Yes, we are able to use basic custom logos and custom wedding fonts. Please get in touch with our team at so that we can check your artwork.

Yes, we offer any wording personalisation that you require so that it is suitable for not only Bridesmaid boxes, but also Birthdays, Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's and so many other occasions.