Vorfreude (n.) vor-FROY-dah The intense, anticipative joy derived from imagining future pleasures.

Vorfreude Stationery is all about gifting, celebrating, sharing & spreading the love.

We are an Australian e-boutique stocking a curated selection of personalisable gifts for you and your loved ones (whether it be bridesmaid gifts, birthdays, christmas or just-because gifts!), keepsake stationery and luxury invitations.

We hope that with every special Vorfreude Stationery item, our customers are overcome with vorfreude too.
To simply put it, we just want to give that 'something to look forward to' feeling to you, your friends and your family.

Please get in touch if you have a special request or any enquiries. We would love to help!
Email us at contact@vorfreudestationery.com.au
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