Le Soir - Rock Quartz Crystal Face Roller


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Le Soir's Rock Quartz Crystal Face Roller is an ancient facial tool originating from China. Facial rolling is known to be a healing and purifying technique.

The face roller is designed to gently massage the face and stimulate the lymphatic system to get rid of toxins, ease muscle tension, decrease puffiness and stimulate blood-flow to increase your skin’s glow.

The functional double-ended facial roller allows you to massage your eye area with the smaller end and your face and neck with the larger end.

Our face roller is crafted from rock quartz crystal, which is a powerful healing stone. It absorbs, stores, and regulate the release of energy, bringing you back to a sense of balance.

How to use: 

Always do face rolling upwards and in one direction.

There is an illustration on our packaging box to show you how to gently massage the face and stimulate the lymphatic system.

You can keep your face roller chilled/warmed in a beauty fridge.

You can use with a sheet mask, serums or oils.

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