What should I wear the morning of my wedding?

You've reached the morning of your wedding day and we wish it was as simple as a fairy god mother waving her wand. The wedding morning will be moments of excitement, anticipation and love spent with your bridesmaids and other close family members. Memories will be made while you get hair and makeup done and your photographer will want to capture some photos of you and the bridal party before the big walk down the aisle.

Read on for a guide on dressing for your wedding morning.

1. It definitely has to comfortable

Choose a comfortable and loose-fitting option to ensure you feel the most relaxed during the morning preparations.

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2. Easy to put on and take off

We think a robe or buttoned down pyjama is the best option as it can easily be opened and closed to avoid ruining any styled hair or smudging makeup.

TIP You don't want to be stressed when it's time to get changed into your wedding dress. Avoid tight fitting options where the inside seams can leave marks on your body.

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3. Wear something that will look nice in pre-wedding photos

Your photographer will be capturing you and the bridal party in anticipation and excitement leading up to the big 'I Do'. A classic white robe and slipper will make you stand out among your bridesmaids.

BONUS A camisole and shorts set is a nice option that you can take from day to night on the wedding day. The sets are usually crafted from soft fabrics that feel delicate on the skin making it a great sleeping option too!

The perfect bridesmaid gift

If you are looking to gift your bridal party something on the wedding day, the wedding morning is your best chance to have a moment with them. It isn't necessary but we think gifting them a getting ready outfit or hamper is perfect to start the wedding morning. Your bridesmaids are likely to be rolling out of bed and arriving in their tracksuits (nothing wrong with that, we love our tracksuits too!) but they will love being dressed in matching robes and pyjamas. They especially make a special keepsake for your bridal party when it's personalised with their names or initials.

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